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About Us

The Story Behind the T3 Chiropractic Name

Because of our passion for chiropractic pediatrics and Dr. Cassidie Marzluff’s personal experience with family health dynamics, the name for our practice was a natural labor of love. Tyce, Taiten and Tinley are Dr. Cassidie’s kids, and her first real experience with the widespread benefits that chiropractic delivers to children.

The three-T’s are her ongoing inspiration to help others through prenatal, pediatric and wellness chiropractic care.

Family Care Since 2014

Dr. Cassidie provides state-of-the-art chiropractic care for Rockwall families, with a special emphasis on chiropractic prenatal treatment and adjustment of newborns and children. We find that our referral-based practice provides us with many moms-to-be seeking a kinder, less traumatic pregnancy, and their positive outcomes, including an easier, faster delivery, causes them to also bring their newborns in for gentle chiropractic care.

Results speak for themselves. Before long, we find that the entire family is coming in for affordable care, fueled by their desire to experience optimal health through natural means!

Get Your Children Checked Soon After Birth

It’s been our experience that many newborns and toddlers experience less-than-optimal nervous system function, many times due to the rigors of childbirth alone. We find that most of these interferences in the form of spinal misalignment occur near the top and the bottom of the spine, often resulting in symptoms ranging from mood disturbances to physical dysfunction.

One of the greatest gifts that you can give to your child is early detection of these disturbances so that molehills don’t turn into mountains. This sets the stage for your kids to experience optimal health and function, and the bypassing of problems that have the capacity to pop up in older childhood.

Our Practice is Unique

Everyone can benefit from gentle chiropractic care.

With children, however, results are often startlingly fast and very effective. This is because their nervous systems are still relatively new and haven’t undergone the years of damage and dysfunction that many adults demonstrate. Chiropractic care of children is very rewarding and tremendously satisfying, which has made our passion for their welfare and treatment evolve by leaps and bounds!

Our training and expertise makes us the #1 choice for pediatric and prenatal chiropractic care in the Rockwall area. Our arsenal of effective tools include:

  • Certification in Webster Technique: A specific chiropractic analysis and gentle adjustment to reduce the affects of pelvic misalignment in pregnant moms, resulting in a more comfortable and efficient pregnancy and delivery.
  • Perfect Storm Technology: Our expertise in the role of the nervous system in the common symptoms that today’s children experience, such as autism, ADHD, ADD, sensory processing disorders, seizures, gut issues and allergies and how these symptoms link up with a “perfect storm” of other common causative factors.

One of the areas that we excel in is tummy issues in children. Sometimes, all it takes is one treatment, and the nervous system starts to respond in amazing ways.

Does your child have problems in this area, ear infections or colic? Let natural chiropractic care help to restore balance. Contact our child-friendly office today!


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