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Rockwall Chiropractor for Family Wellness

Rockwall chiropractors, Dr. Cassidie Marzluff, Dr. Jessica Conlon, Dr. Chloe Chauvin, and Dr. Maddie Geertz provide the patients of T3 Chiropractic with the very best in skilled and compassionate family wellness care. They are known in the community as the gentle “hands-on docs”, with a reputation for excellence in pediatric and pregnancy chiropractic care.

Dr. Cassidie adjusting pregnant momDr. Cassidie’s career has included extensive post-graduate study in her specialty fields, including:

  • Webster technique certification: a chiropractic prenatal technique designed to increase the probability of conception, as well as ensuring an optimal pregnancy for both mother and child
  • Perfect Storm technology: research that has revealed the “perfect storm” of the causes and common ingredients that have led to today’s epidemic of childhood disorders, such as autism, ADD and sensory processing disorders, and the tools to solve this puzzle
  • An EPIC pediatric group participant: a group of leading-edge chiropractors dedicated to serving the health needs and unique challenges of today’s children through research and the sharing of knowledge