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Meet the staff at T3 Chiropractic

Dr. Cassidie

Meet Dr. Cassidie

After earning a Bachelor of Science Degree in Exercise and Sports Science from Texas State University, Dr. Cassidie decided to further her education by enrolling in chiropractic college. Early in her studies, she found that despite being under medical care, she felt unwell. “I struggled with being sick constantly, suffered with severe asthma, and was in and out of the hospital every couple of months,” said Dr. Cassidie.

These traumatic events led her to seek consistent and corrective chiropractic treatment, which effectively eliminated her troubling symptoms and provided her with an optimal health. Dr. Cassidie had made a remarkable discovery early in her career—chiropractic isn’t really about getting rid of pain, as so many believe, but about restoring the nervous system to a natural balance so that people can not only survive, but thrive!

Dr. Cassidie applied this new knowledge to her own three children, and their positive results fueled her present-day passion for chiropractic pediatrics.

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Meet Dr. Jennifer

Dr. Jennifer discovered the power of chiropractic during her last year of undergraduate college while interning at a chiropractors office. She loved seeing the benefits that were provided when aligning the spine which allowed the body to function at its optimal level. After earning a BS degree in Kinesiology with a concentration in Exercise Science, she continued her education at Parker Chiropractic College and earned her doctorate in April 2017.

Dr. Jennifer lives in Rowlett Texas with her husband, Nathan, and two sons, Mason and Beckham. Being a mother has not only been her most exciting challenge and greatest honor, but has given her the passion and desire to help other women and children in her community.

In her free time, Dr. Jennifer loves travelling home to Louisiana to spend time with family and friends. She can frequently be found at the baseball field or park with her family.

Meet Amanda

Amanda was born and raised in Michigan and moved to Texas a year and a half ago as her husband was transferred for work. She has fallen in love with Texas! She has a Social Work Degree and has worked with families for over 10 years as a childcare provider and teacher. She loves connecting with families and witnessing the growth children experience through chiropractic care. Amanda was first introduced to chiropractic care in high school for a back spasm. At the time, she didn’t value what regular chiropractic adjustments could do for her body.

It wasn’t until her dad started seeing significant results in his health years later that she understood the important of keeping your spine healthy. As part of the T3 Family, she loves having the opportunity to share this gift of chiropractic care with other families in the community and help families and children thrive.

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